Funding for college

November 29, 2009 at 6:39 am (Tboys really interesting topics)

I finally received some good news in the mail today.  I got all of my financial aid approved for the next year of school.  I also received word from the unemployment office that my extension was approved.

In this messed up world where good news is getting harder and harder to come by; I am extreemly happy that not only can I continue my education, but I can collect unemployment as well.  Now, if I can get my exwife to take her hand out of my wallet and realize that I only should be paying 17 % instead of 35 % I will be on top of the world.

I really hope all this work in college really pays off and someday I get the IT job I keep dreaming about.  I’m not getting any younger and I really would like to stop supporting everyone else.


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Final Decision on SmartPhone

November 26, 2009 at 2:21 am (Technology/Computers)

I have officially made up my mind on which smartphone I am going to purchase.  I have decided on the iphone.  Here are the reasons why:

First of all, you have to know that I still believe the Droid is the better phone.  I believe the Android operating system is way better than the iphone’s.  I feel the Droid is a more powerful, more robust, and better designed product than the iphone.  The problem is, the Droid is too new yet.  I believe the droid has so much potential, but that potential will not be utilized for a few more years.  There is not enough software developers willing to invest in the Droid yet.  There are not enough apps yet, and I think that getting this phone right now would only be frustrating as I see it’s potential and not be able to use it to its full extent.

I will go with the iphone for two years, then I will get the Droid.  By then, more developers will have written more apps, and the Droid will be living up to what it really is.  Also, I really wish I didn’t have to go with ATT again.  Why can’t Verizon get the iphone?  That would be a rude awakening for ATT.  Maybe then they could get some 3G coverage in my area. 

All that said, I have to bring up one app for the iphone that has really impressed me, and it has had a lot of bearing on my decision.  The app I am talking about is Skype, and you can now make calls with your iphone, via Skype, and not burn up your minutes.  Awesome.

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iphone, really?

November 19, 2009 at 5:30 am (Technology/Computers)

Is anyone sick of hearing about how every phone out there stacks up to the iphone?  What exactly is it about the iphone that makes it the phone to beat?  Is it the ease of use?  Is it the way it pairs up with itunes?  Is it the touch screen?  Well, I have news for you, the iphone isn’t all that great.  It just really advertised.

You may have heard that the touch screen is really great and the virtual keyboard is really easy to type on.  Guess what, if your someone with big fingers, like I am; it isn’t that easy to type on.  In fact, I got pretty sick of hitting the back key to fix all the mistakes I made when trying to type on it, and even that key was difficult to hit.  I certainly wouldn’t want to have to type more than a sentence with the virtual keypad.  The iphone is good, but certainly not the best.

There is a smart phone out now that technologically is way ahead of the iphone.  It’s called the Droid.  It used the Android operating system and is way more capable than the iphone.  Oh yeah, did I mention it has an actual keypad on it?  It has a virtual keypad too.  It has a bigger screen with better resolution, more pixels, and can even run more than one app at a time.  Unlike the iphone.

The Droid comes with turn by turn directions, and not only displays your destination using Google street maps, so you know exactly what your destination looks like; it will talk you to your destination as well.  Guess how much that feature costs?  It’s free.  Yep, a free app that is actually useful.  The iphone might get you there too, if you know how to use a virtual compass.

The iphones biggest defense is that is has oh so many apps.  The Droid just came out a few weeks ago.  How many apps do you think it is going to have in two weeks?  Don’t worry, the apps will come.  If that is the only complaint people have against the Droid, Apple is in serious trouble.

Bottom line is this, the Droid is more powerful, has a better screen, can multi-task, has a better operating system, has an actual keyboard, as well as a virtual one, and is definitely going to give the iphone a run for it’s money.

iphone killer?  Probably.  It’s about time.

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Gaming Desktops

November 19, 2009 at 12:12 am (Technology/Computers)

Gaming Desktops.

Do you remember me telling you that I love technology?  Do you remember me telling you that I love computers?  Well, I think I just found my dream machine.

I was browsing around at today and I realized that this place really offers some of the best deals I have seen anywhere, and I look around a lot.  They custom build your desktop PC just the way you want, with top of the line, high end hardware.  They put these machines through grueling quality control  procedures, and slap on a standard 3 year hassle free warranty.

Go to the site,, see for yourself.  Watch the video of the quality tests.  On top of all this, they are accredited by the BBB.

I did some comparison shopping today at the Alienware site, and when you try to match hardware to hardware with these two manufacturers, you cannot beat a PC built at  For the same money as you would spend on an Alienware, you get twice the machine at, plus a 3 year warranty.  Not only do these machines perform, but they look good while they do it.

I encourage you to go to the site, watch the videos, see what they have to offer.  You will be surprised. I guarantee it.

I know they will be building my next machine.  I only need to come up with 2500.00 and get the approval of my wife.  Like I said, it’s a dream machine.

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Pirate attack on the same American ship

November 18, 2009 at 4:02 pm (Really interesting world events)

Can you believe the pirates off the coast of Somalia attacked the same American ship that they tried to take 7 months ago?  Again, they were not successful.  This time, there were armed security guards on board to repel the pirates.

I am really glad the American ships fight back and that no pirate was ever able to take a ship flying the American flag.  It says a lot about America’s image.  It sends a “America is still a force which is different from the rest of the world, a force you don’t want to mess with”.  I think this is really important.  I don’t understand why all the ships in that area are not armed.

Seriously, these pirates are kids running around in little boats with light arms.  Mount a couple of 50 caliber machine guns around the ship and the pirates won’t get near any of them.  It would be cheaper than paying millions in ransom just to get your ship back.

Hats off to the security and crew of the Maersk Alabama!

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Laptops and technology as tools in higher learning.

November 18, 2009 at 2:59 pm (Technology/Computers)

I read a few blogs about technology that have made me start to think.  The blogs were about using technology to facilitate higher learning.  Laptops in particular.  Let me show you why I really believe this.

I am a college student.  I attend the University of Phoenix, which is an online university.  A highly accredited university, I might add.  I am pursuing a BA in Information Technology/Networking.  I use several laptops every day.  I have an 18″ laptop that is pretty much too big to lug around.  That laptop is my main computer.  I attend most of my classes and submit most of my assignments with that laptop.

I also have a 17″ laptop.  The large laptop has a quad-core processor, and the smaller one has a dual core.  Both have  a class two GPU.  Better than most laptops. The 17″ is the one I take with me if I have to take a laptop with me.  Both are indispensable.

I am also a gamer, I love PC games.  Most gamers don’t like laptops. They swear up and down about how building your own desktop is the only way to go.  Building your own gaming rig is great, but not the only way to go.  I also have a Sager NP8690 15″ with an Intel core i7 processor, Nvidia GTX 280m GPU.  That is the machine I use for gaming, and it games well.

My point is this, laptops and technology as tools for higher learning are tools that are essential in my quest to have a career in IT.  They are mobile, powerful machines that every student and teacher should have, and if my house was ever burning, and I could only grab one thing on my way out; it would be my laptops.

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