Laptops and technology as tools in higher learning.

November 18, 2009 at 2:59 pm (Technology/Computers)

I read a few blogs about technology that have made me start to think.  The blogs were about using technology to facilitate higher learning.  Laptops in particular.  Let me show you why I really believe this.

I am a college student.  I attend the University of Phoenix, which is an online university.  A highly accredited university, I might add.  I am pursuing a BA in Information Technology/Networking.  I use several laptops every day.  I have an 18″ laptop that is pretty much too big to lug around.  That laptop is my main computer.  I attend most of my classes and submit most of my assignments with that laptop.

I also have a 17″ laptop.  The large laptop has a quad-core processor, and the smaller one has a dual core.  Both have  a class two GPU.  Better than most laptops. The 17″ is the one I take with me if I have to take a laptop with me.  Both are indispensable.

I am also a gamer, I love PC games.  Most gamers don’t like laptops. They swear up and down about how building your own desktop is the only way to go.  Building your own gaming rig is great, but not the only way to go.  I also have a Sager NP8690 15″ with an Intel core i7 processor, Nvidia GTX 280m GPU.  That is the machine I use for gaming, and it games well.

My point is this, laptops and technology as tools for higher learning are tools that are essential in my quest to have a career in IT.  They are mobile, powerful machines that every student and teacher should have, and if my house was ever burning, and I could only grab one thing on my way out; it would be my laptops.


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