Pirate attack on the same American ship

November 18, 2009 at 4:02 pm (Really interesting world events)

Can you believe the pirates off the coast of Somalia attacked the same American ship that they tried to take 7 months ago?  Again, they were not successful.  This time, there were armed security guards on board to repel the pirates.

I am really glad the American ships fight back and that no pirate was ever able to take a ship flying the American flag.  It says a lot about America’s image.  It sends a “America is still a force which is different from the rest of the world, a force you don’t want to mess with”.  I think this is really important.  I don’t understand why all the ships in that area are not armed.

Seriously, these pirates are kids running around in little boats with light arms.  Mount a couple of 50 caliber machine guns around the ship and the pirates won’t get near any of them.  It would be cheaper than paying millions in ransom just to get your ship back.

Hats off to the security and crew of the Maersk Alabama!


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