Gaming Desktops

November 19, 2009 at 12:12 am (Technology/Computers)

Gaming Desktops.

Do you remember me telling you that I love technology?  Do you remember me telling you that I love computers?  Well, I think I just found my dream machine.

I was browsing around at today and I realized that this place really offers some of the best deals I have seen anywhere, and I look around a lot.  They custom build your desktop PC just the way you want, with top of the line, high end hardware.  They put these machines through grueling quality control  procedures, and slap on a standard 3 year hassle free warranty.

Go to the site,, see for yourself.  Watch the video of the quality tests.  On top of all this, they are accredited by the BBB.

I did some comparison shopping today at the Alienware site, and when you try to match hardware to hardware with these two manufacturers, you cannot beat a PC built at  For the same money as you would spend on an Alienware, you get twice the machine at, plus a 3 year warranty.  Not only do these machines perform, but they look good while they do it.

I encourage you to go to the site, watch the videos, see what they have to offer.  You will be surprised. I guarantee it.

I know they will be building my next machine.  I only need to come up with 2500.00 and get the approval of my wife.  Like I said, it’s a dream machine.



  1. gamerjames said,

    DS makes decent gaming rigs, but when I was on the market for a new gaming pc I decided to go with Eventhough ds had decent pricing, their specs couldnt compete with their competition. I think they should quit worry so much about being the cheapest and start thinking about building a powerful system!!

    • tboy72 said,

      Really? I think you should look a little harder into Digital Storms site. Some of their rigs are extreemly powerful. It all depends on how much money you’re willing to spend. They’ll build a system in whatever configuration you want. You can dump close to 10,000 on a system if you have the money.

      They have budget rigs as well. Again, do a little more research. In addition, their build quality is great.

  2. gamerjames said,

    Wow… I would love to drop 10k on a custom gaming computer!! If you had 10k, what would you do??? Would you go with an i7 or Xeon ??

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