iphone, really?

November 19, 2009 at 5:30 am (Technology/Computers)

Is anyone sick of hearing about how every phone out there stacks up to the iphone?  What exactly is it about the iphone that makes it the phone to beat?  Is it the ease of use?  Is it the way it pairs up with itunes?  Is it the touch screen?  Well, I have news for you, the iphone isn’t all that great.  It just really advertised.

You may have heard that the touch screen is really great and the virtual keyboard is really easy to type on.  Guess what, if your someone with big fingers, like I am; it isn’t that easy to type on.  In fact, I got pretty sick of hitting the back key to fix all the mistakes I made when trying to type on it, and even that key was difficult to hit.  I certainly wouldn’t want to have to type more than a sentence with the virtual keypad.  The iphone is good, but certainly not the best.

There is a smart phone out now that technologically is way ahead of the iphone.  It’s called the Droid.  It used the Android operating system and is way more capable than the iphone.  Oh yeah, did I mention it has an actual keypad on it?  It has a virtual keypad too.  It has a bigger screen with better resolution, more pixels, and can even run more than one app at a time.  Unlike the iphone.

The Droid comes with turn by turn directions, and not only displays your destination using Google street maps, so you know exactly what your destination looks like; it will talk you to your destination as well.  Guess how much that feature costs?  It’s free.  Yep, a free app that is actually useful.  The iphone might get you there too, if you know how to use a virtual compass.

The iphones biggest defense is that is has oh so many apps.  The Droid just came out a few weeks ago.  How many apps do you think it is going to have in two weeks?  Don’t worry, the apps will come.  If that is the only complaint people have against the Droid, Apple is in serious trouble.

Bottom line is this, the Droid is more powerful, has a better screen, can multi-task, has a better operating system, has an actual keyboard, as well as a virtual one, and is definitely going to give the iphone a run for it’s money.

iphone killer?  Probably.  It’s about time.


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  1. tboy72 said,

    I take some of that back. I don’t think software developers are going to allow this phone to shine. Everyone is too afraid of the iphone and all of its apps.

    That’s too bad.

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