Final Decision on SmartPhone

November 26, 2009 at 2:21 am (Technology/Computers)

I have officially made up my mind on which smartphone I am going to purchase.  I have decided on the iphone.  Here are the reasons why:

First of all, you have to know that I still believe the Droid is the better phone.  I believe the Android operating system is way better than the iphone’s.  I feel the Droid is a more powerful, more robust, and better designed product than the iphone.  The problem is, the Droid is too new yet.  I believe the droid has so much potential, but that potential will not be utilized for a few more years.  There is not enough software developers willing to invest in the Droid yet.  There are not enough apps yet, and I think that getting this phone right now would only be frustrating as I see it’s potential and not be able to use it to its full extent.

I will go with the iphone for two years, then I will get the Droid.  By then, more developers will have written more apps, and the Droid will be living up to what it really is.  Also, I really wish I didn’t have to go with ATT again.  Why can’t Verizon get the iphone?  That would be a rude awakening for ATT.  Maybe then they could get some 3G coverage in my area. 

All that said, I have to bring up one app for the iphone that has really impressed me, and it has had a lot of bearing on my decision.  The app I am talking about is Skype, and you can now make calls with your iphone, via Skype, and not burn up your minutes.  Awesome.


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