Funding for college

November 29, 2009 at 6:39 am (Tboys really interesting topics)

I finally received some good news in the mail today.  I got all of my financial aid approved for the next year of school.  I also received word from the unemployment office that my extension was approved.

In this messed up world where good news is getting harder and harder to come by; I am extreemly happy that not only can I continue my education, but I can collect unemployment as well.  Now, if I can get my exwife to take her hand out of my wallet and realize that I only should be paying 17 % instead of 35 % I will be on top of the world.

I really hope all this work in college really pays off and someday I get the IT job I keep dreaming about.  I’m not getting any younger and I really would like to stop supporting everyone else.


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