End Of The World??

Most of us by now have heard about the dead birds falling from the sky in Arkansas, and in Louisiana, as well as the fish washing up dead in different parts of the world. I cannot help myself but to stare at my dual computer screens which are packed tight with several browsers all spewing information on birds and fish dying by the thousands. Oh wait, add crabs to the list as well. As for explanations, I have heard the very ridiculous “fireworks” and “lightning”. Never mind that people have been lighting off fireworks on New Years Eve for eons, and never once have 5,000 birds taken flight and died before falling to the ground.

What is even more interesting is that when tests are conducted on these birds and fish, it is always found that the fish have not been poisoned, and the water quality is acceptable. As for the birds, they have all died from blunt force trauma and internal bleeding, and they were dead before they hit the ground. That means something killed them in the air. It just happens to have started on New Years Eve, and right around the stroke of midnight. Really? Does that not trip a multitude of red flags for anyone else, or is it just me?

One thing is for certain, we are going to hear a multitude of “generic” reasons as to why this is happening. The government will try to down play this as much as they can. One thing any government will not, and cannot have is their citizens feeling like their world is out of control. Right now, everyone’s world is totally out of control. No one has any answers, but there are plenty of theories.

Are all the recent floods and earthquakes, which have been increasing in frequency and in the amount of lives lost and destruction caused, as well as the mysterious deaths of thousands upon thousands of birds and fish, the “birth pains” that are to signal the beginning of the end and the return of Christ which he told His disciples on the Mount of Olives, over 2000 years ago, and of which we can find in the book of Matthew in chapter 24?

No one really knows, but we do know that we don’t know what is happening to the birds as they are beaten and killed by the thousands in mid-air. No one really knows what is killing thousands upon thousands of fish and crabs while they are swimming in waters all over the planet. With that in mind, how long until it starts happening to human beings. I mean, are we really all that different biologically than these other creatures. What kills them can probably kill us as well. Will we really be all that surprised to wake up one morning and after firing up our computers, loading that browser just to have “1,000 People Mysteriously Killed Overnight” jump out at us as we read the first headline of the day? How long until that happens, and what then?

I have included a link with some of the facts of what is transpiring around the world as this is written. Read it people, read it well.



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