Which Smartphone Do I Get?

A few blogs ago, I wrote about how much I was looking forward to getting my iphone. Then I finally bought one, as well as a two year contract with ATT.

I then proceeded to write about how much I loved my new iPhone. I wrote about how much I loved the operating system, the phone’s ease of use, and every other feature the phone had. I still love the iPhone 4, but am now in another dilemma.

As I mentioned earlier, I am in a two year contract with ATT, as they were the only provider who offered the iPhone at the time. We have all heard about how poor ATT’s voice and data coverage is right? Well I can take that complaint one step farther. Let’s talk about their data coverage.

Where I live, I cannot get ATT’s 3G signal. The only data I am offered is the Edge network. Anyone who knows anything about ATT knows that their Edge network isn’t really good for anything. In fact, they should offer that data for free. It is so bad, that the only way I can use my ATT iPhone’s data is either on a WiFi network, which I have, and with some type of mobile broadband. This brings me to the most ridiculous part of the whole story.

In addition to the two year contract with ATT for the iPhone, I had to sign a two year contract with Verizon and get their MiFi with a 5 Gig per month data plan. Anytime I leave my house (and my wireless network), I need my Verizon MiFi to access any data on my iphone.

This fact forces me to make a decision which will affect me for at least two more years. Do I continue to pay ATT for an unlimited data plan that I am unable to even use because they can’t supply a data signal in my area (other than the useless Edge network) that is sufficient for the iPhone 4? In my opinion, that is like asking if it makes sense to continue paying rent on a house you will never live in. Is it really that much different? If I go that route, I will have to continue to pay Verizon 60.00 per month for the MiFi.

The only logical solution here is simply to get as far away from ATT as I possibly can. Since I am already a customer with Verizon as well, and since Verizon provides a great 3G signal in my area, the only logical solution in my opinion is to get the hell out of my contract with ATT, and go to Verizon. The sad part here is that I will have to say good bye to my iphone and iOS 4 as well.

Now I know I do not have to say good bye to my iPhone, since the iPhone is now on Verizon, but since technology is constantly evolving, and the latest and greatest thing is the beginning of 4G, and since Verizon’s iPhone is not a 4G device. I won’t be going with Verizon’s iPhone. To be very honest, I am becoming more intrigued and attracted to the Android platform every day.

This dilemma is both sad and exciting. The exciting part is that I am going to begin experiencing Android for the very first time. It’s also exciting because I get to pick a new smartphone. The question is which one.

It has to be on Verizon’s network, and it has to be a device with a modern and fast processor, plenty of ram, a large and beautiful screen, 4g, a good camera, front facing camera, and plenty of other options. In short, it has to be a modern smartphone.

I have narrowed it down to either the Motorola Droid X2, or the HTC Thunderbolt. I have always been drawn to the Thunderbolt, from the very first commercial I ever saw on TV.

Is there anyone who can tell me if the Thunderbolt is a good choice for a modern, powerful smartphone? From the reviews I have read, it seems that it is. In fact, I am going to call ATT and tell them I want out of my contract. When they ask why, I am going to have a field day!!

I am looking forward to Android, and the openness that will surely follow.

p.s. I wrote this on my iPhone 4 with a keyboard dock so please excuse any errors.


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